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What is Google 3D Earth?

Google earth is a free plug-in by Google that allows you to explore the globe that looks like you are flying over the earth from whole side. You can take visit of earth through high-resolution graphics and satellite images. This view is will be more superior then the simple or static maps and the views given by satellite because they are not 3D images. By using Google earth you can find or search populated areas in the world clearly even you can search your house, office or you can search your vehicles where you have parked. Google earth have updated earth map into 3D landscape.

Regular Updating of Google Earth

Majority of images have been uploaded by Google continuously most them are 3 year old but now a days Google is updating latest images of high resolution from various angles of famous parts of the world. Even some inhabited areas images also have been displayed on Google earth. This thing is useful and beneficial for recovery of natural scenes of the world.

Google earth free download

Google earth plug-in is free; first of all you download the application and install it on your window, Mac and Linux computer. The best feature of this program is that it’s requiring little space on your hard drive, because it is directly operative through Google server. The other useful feature is that you can install it on your Mobile, iPhone, iPod etc. Since 2005 Google is offering free download of this application to improve the program. Its improvement is satisfactory and this app has been downloaded billion times.

Note: The android version is available on Google Play Store and IOS version on App Store.

How to install Google earth  

First of all download it here, than install it on your computer, Mobile, iPhone, iPod and Tablet in just a few minutes. This can guide you properly when while you are traveling in any part of the world.

Google earth features

  • Main features of Google earth is given below;
  • Easy to Install
  • Free map plug-in
  • High-resolution satellite images
  • 3D view of different areas
  • Do earth visit from every side
  • Play on Computer, Mobile, iPhone, iPod and Tablet
  • Zoom in on your house!
  • Fresh and updated images of famous locations

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