French Guiana Map

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French Guiana


French Guiana is an overseas region of France on the northeast coast of South America, composed mainly of tropical rain forest. Capital of this country is Cayenne. Population of French Guiana is 250,377 via World Bank in 2013. Currency of this country is Euro. Official language is French. Name of President is Rodolphe Alexandre.

French Guiana Flag

French Guiana Flag

French Guiana Bordering Countries:
Brazil, Suriname

French Guiana Locations:
Atlantic Ocean, Baie de Oyapock, Maroni River, Oyapock, Pointe Behague and Pointe Isere.

French Guiana Cities:
Belizon, Bienvenue, Camopi, Cayenne, Guisanbourg, Iracoubo, Kaw, Kourou, Maaripasoula, Malabate, Mana, Organabo, Ouanary, Patience, Paul Isnard, Quaqui, Regina, Remire, Roura, Saint Georges, Saul, Sinnamary, St. Jean and St. Nazaire.

French Guiana Satellite Image

French Guiana Satellite Image

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