Bahrain Map

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Bahrain Map


The Kingdom of Bahrain located in the Arabian Gulf to the west of the mainland of Saudi Arabia of the world map, comprising more than 30 islands. The country area of Bahrain is 295.5 miĀ². Bahrain became an independent state in 1971, after gaining its sovereignty from The United Kingdom (UK). The capital of Bahrain is Manama which is famous for the acclaimed Bahrain National Museum showcases artifacts from the ancient Dilmun civilization that flourished in the region for millennia. The population of Bahrain is 1.332 million in 2013 according to World Bank.Its currency is Bahraini dinar, its official language is Arabic, Bahrain dialing code is +973 and Bahrain king name is Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Bahrain flag

Bahrain Flag

Bahrain Bordering Countries:

Bahrain have no bordering countries because it is surrounding by Sea water.

Bahrain Locations:

Gulf of Bahrain and Persian Gulf.

Bahrain Cities:

Al Mamtalah, Al Manamah (Manama), Al Muharraq, Al Wasmiya, Ar Rifa ash Sharqi, Askar, Awali, Az Zallaq, Isa, Jaww, Jidd Hafs, Madinat Isa, Mina’ Salman, Ra’s al Barri and Sitrah.

Bahrain Satellite Image

Bahrain Satellite Image

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